Digium and Asterisk Community Export Compliance Notice

As a business based in the United States, Digium and Digium employees are subject to government regulations prohibiting U.S. organizations and businesses from engaging with people or entities that are located in embargoed countries. This pertains to all Asterisk community services which are provided by Digium, including the mailing lists, the Asterisk.org wiki, and any other hosted services that Digium provides.

If Digium becomes aware of someone from an embargoed country utilizing these services, we are under a regulatory obligation to remove any accounts in use by that person or persons. This is unfortunate for the project and all involved, but it is something that Digium as a company must do to comply with U.S. law.

For any U.S. citizens that find this situation to be unsatisfactory, please work with your political representatives to voice your opinion. For any non-U.S. citizens that this may apply to, we would urge you to work through your respective channels of government to work with U.S. ambassadors and other representatives to improve your situation.

For a list of embargoed countries see the two links below: