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Mailing Lists

There are several mailing lists where community members can go do discuss Asterisk. Some of the key lists are:

List Description
asterisk-announce Asterisk releases and community service announcements
asterisk-biz Commercial and Business-Oriented Asterisk Discussion
asterisk-dev Discussions about the development of Asterisk. #Development List Note
asterisk-app-dev Discussions about the development of applications that use Asterisk. #Development List Note
asterisk-security Asterisk Security Discussion
asterisk-users Discussions about the use and configuration of Asterisk.

Development List Note

The asterisk-dev list is geared toward the development of Asterisk itself. For discussions about developing applications that use Asterisk, please see the asterisk-app-dev list. For discussions about deploying or using Asterisk, please see the asterisk-users mailing list.