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Mailing Lists

Community Forums

For end-user support and commercial postings the community forums should be used.

Development Mailing List

A development mailing list is present for discussion regarding the development of Asterisk itself.

Read-Only Mailing Lists

The Asterisk project previously maintained an independent mailing list server for many different purposes. This has been decommissioned and archived, with the community forums and new development mailing list taking their place. Links to the old mailing lists remain below in case archive access is required.

List Description
asterisk-announce Asterisk releases and community service announcements
asterisk-biz Commercial and Business-Oriented Asterisk Discussion
asterisk-dev Discussions about the development of Asterisk.
asterisk-app-dev Discussions about the development of applications that use Asterisk.
asterisk-security Asterisk Security Discussion
asterisk-users Discussions about the use and configuration of Asterisk.