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res_hep: Resource for integration with Homer using HEPv3

This configuration documentation is for functionality provided by res_hep.

Configuration File: hep.conf

[general]: General settings.

The general settings section contains information to configure Asterisk as a Homer capture agent.

Configuration Option Reference

Option Name Type Default Value Regular Expression Description
capture_address The address and port of the Homer server to send packets to.
capture_id 0 The ID for this capture agent.
capture_name The name for this capture agent.
capture_password If set, the authentication password to send to Homer.
enabled yes Enable or disable packet capturing.
uuid_type call-id The preferred type of UUID to pass to Homer.

Configuration Option Descriptions

  • no

  • yes

  • call-id - Use the PJSIP Call-Id

  • channel - Use the Asterisk channel name

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