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res_pjsip_notify: Module that supports sending NOTIFY requests to endpoints from external sources

This configuration documentation is for functionality provided by res_pjsip_notify.

Configuration File: pjsip_notify.conf

[general]: Unused, but reserved.

[notify]: Configuration of a NOTIFY request.

Each key-value pair in a 'notify' configuration section defines either a SIP header to send in the request or a line of content in the request message body. A key of 'Content' is treated as part of the message body and is appended in sequential order; any other header is treated as part of the SIP request.

Configuration Option Reference

Option Name Type Default Value Regular Expression Description
Custom false A key/value pair to add to a NOTIFY request.

Configuration Option Descriptions

If the key is 'Content', it will be treated as part of the message body. Otherwise, it will be added as a header in the NOTIFY request.

The following headers are reserved and cannot be specified:

  • Call-ID

  • Contact

  • CSeq

  • To

  • From

  • Record-Route

  • Route

  • Via

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