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res_prometheus: Resource for integration with Prometheus

This configuration documentation is for functionality provided by res_prometheus.

Configuration File: prometheus.conf

[general]: General settings.

The general settings section contains information to configure Asterisk to serve up statistics for a Prometheus server.


You must enable Asterisk's HTTP server in http.conf for this module to function properly!

Configuration Option Reference

Option Name Type Default Value Regular Expression Description
auth_password String false Password to use for Basic Auth.
auth_realm String Asterisk Prometheus Metrics false Auth realm used in challenge responses
auth_username String false Username to use for Basic Auth.
core_metrics_enabled Boolean yes false Enable or disable core metrics.
enabled Boolean no false Enable or disable Prometheus statistics.
uri String false The HTTP URI to serve metrics up on.

Configuration Option Descriptions


If set, this is used in conjunction with auth_username to require Basic Auth for all requests to the Prometheus metrics. Note that setting this without auth_username will not do anything.


If set, use Basic Auth to authenticate requests to the route specified by uri. Note that you will need to configure your Prometheus server with the appropriate auth credentials.

If set, auth_password must also be set appropriately.


It is highly recommended to set up Basic Auth. Failure to do so may result in useful information about your Asterisk system being made easily scrapable by the wide world. Consider yourself duly warned.


Core metrics show various properties of the Asterisk system, including how the binary was built, the version, uptime, last reload time, etc. Generally, these options are harmless and should always be enabled. This option mostly exists to disable output of all options for testing purposes, as well as for those foolish souls who really don't care what version of Asterisk they're running.

  • no

  • yes

  • no

  • yes

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