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res_statsd: StatsD client

This configuration documentation is for functionality provided by res_statsd.


The 'res_statsd' module provides an API that allows Asterisk and its modules to send statistics to a StatsD server. It only provides a means to communicate with a StatsD server and does not send any metrics of its own.

An example module, 'res_chan_stats', is provided which uses the API exposed by this module to send channel statistics to the configured StatsD server.

More information about StatsD can be found at

Configuration File: statsd.conf

[global]: Global configuration settings

Configuration Option Reference

Option Name Type Default Value Regular Expression Description
add_newline Boolean no false Append a newline to every event. This is useful if you want to fake out a server using netcat (nc -lu 8125)
enabled Boolean no false Enable/disable the StatsD module
meter_support Boolean yes false Enable/disable the non-standard StatsD Meter type, if disabled falls back to counter and will append a "_meter" suffix to the metric name
prefix String false Prefix to prepend to every metric
server IP Address false Address of the StatsD server

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