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This configuration documentation is for functionality provided by udptl.

Configuration File: udptl.conf

[global]: Global options for configuring UDPTL

Configuration Option Reference

Option Name Type Default Value Regular Expression Description
t38faxmaxdatagram Custom false Removed
t38faxudpec Custom false Removed
udptlchecksums Boolean yes false Whether to enable or disable UDP checksums on UDPTL traffic
udptlend Unsigned Integer 4999 false The end of the UDPTL port range
udptlfecentries Unsigned Integer false The number of error correction entries in a UDPTL packet
udptlfecspan Unsigned Integer false The span over which parity is calculated for FEC in a UDPTL packet
udptlstart Unsigned Integer 4000 false The start of the UDPTL port range
use_even_ports Boolean no false Whether to only use even-numbered UDPTL ports

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