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Retrieve configuration (JSON format).


This action will dump the contents of a configuration file by category and contents in JSON format or optionally by specified category only. This only makes sense to be used using rawman over the HTTP interface. In the case where a category name is non-unique, a filter may be specified to match only categories with matching variable values.


    Action: GetConfigJSON
    ActionID: <value>
    Filename: <value>
    Category: <value>
    Filter: <value>
  • ActionID - ActionID for this transaction. Will be returned.

  • Filename - Configuration filename (e.g. foo.conf).

  • Category - Category in configuration file.

  • Filter - A comma separated list of name_regex=value_regex expressions which will cause only categories whose variables match all expressions to be considered. The special variable name 'TEMPLATES' can be used to control whether templates are included. Passing 'include' as the value will include templates along with normal categories. Passing 'restrict' as the value will restrict the operation to ONLY templates. Not specifying a 'TEMPLATES' expression results in the default behavior which is to not include templates.

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