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Provide details about an Address of Record (AoR) section.


    Event: AorList
    ObjectType: <value>
    ObjectName: <value>
    MinimumExpiration: <value>
    MaximumExpiration: <value>
    DefaultExpiration: <value>
    QualifyFrequency: <value>
    AuthenticateQualify: <value>
    MaxContacts: <value>
    RemoveExisting: <value>
    RemoveUnavailable: <value>
    Mailboxes: <value>
    OutboundProxy: <value>
    SupportPath: <value>
  • ObjectType - The object's type. This will always be 'aor'.

  • ObjectName - The name of this object.

  • MinimumExpiration - Minimum keep alive time for an AoR

  • MaximumExpiration - Maximum time to keep an AoR

  • DefaultExpiration - Default expiration time in seconds for contacts that are dynamically bound to an AoR.

  • QualifyFrequency - Interval at which to qualify an AoR

  • AuthenticateQualify - Authenticates a qualify challenge response if needed

  • MaxContacts - Maximum number of contacts that can bind to an AoR

  • RemoveExisting - Determines whether new contacts replace existing ones.

  • RemoveUnavailable - Determines whether new contacts should replace unavailable ones.

  • Mailboxes - Allow subscriptions for the specified mailbox(es)

  • OutboundProxy - Outbound proxy used when sending OPTIONS request

  • SupportPath - Enables Path support for REGISTER requests and Route support for other requests.



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