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Raised when a Channel Event Log is generated for a channel.


    Event: CEL
    EventName: <value>
    AccountCode: <value>
    CallerIDnum: <value>
    CallerIDname: <value>
    CallerIDani: <value>
    CallerIDrdnis: <value>
    CallerIDdnid: <value>
    Exten: <value>
    Context: <value>
    Application: <value>
    AppData: <value>
    EventTime: <value>
    AMAFlags: <value>
    UniqueID: <value>
    LinkedID: <value>
    UserField: <value>
    Peer: <value>
    PeerAccount: <value>
    Extra: <value>
  • EventName - The name of the CEL event being raised. This can include both the system defined CEL events, as well as user defined events.


    All events listed here may not be raised, depending on the configuration in cel.conf.

    • CHAN_START - A channel was created.

    • CHAN_END - A channel was terminated.

    • ANSWER - A channel answered.

    • HANGUP - A channel was hung up.

    • BRIDGE_ENTER - A channel entered a bridge.

    • BRIDGE_EXIT - A channel left a bridge.

    • APP_START - A channel entered into a tracked application.

    • APP_END - A channel left a tracked application.

    • PARK_START - A channel was parked.

    • PARK_END - A channel was unparked.

    • BLINDTRANSFER - A channel initiated a blind transfer.

    • ATTENDEDTRANSFER - A channel initiated an attended transfer.

    • PICKUP - A channel initated a call pickup.

    • FORWARD - A channel is being forwarded to another destination.

    • LINKEDID_END - The linked ID associated with this channel is being retired.

    • LOCAL_OPTIMIZE - A Local channel optimization has occurred.

    • USER_DEFINED - A user defined type.


      This event is only present if 'show_user_defined' in cel.conf is 'True'. Otherwise, the user defined event will be placed directly in the EventName field.

  • AccountCode - The channel's account code.

  • CallerIDnum - The Caller ID number.

  • CallerIDname - The Caller ID name.

  • CallerIDani - The Caller ID Automatic Number Identification.

  • CallerIDrdnis - The Caller ID Redirected Dialed Number Identification Service.

  • CallerIDdnid - The Caller ID Dialed Number Identifier.

  • Exten - The dialplan extension the channel is currently executing in.

  • Context - The dialplan context the channel is currently executing in.

  • Application - The dialplan application the channel is currently executing.

  • AppData - The arguments passed to the dialplan Application.

  • EventTime - The time the CEL event occurred.

  • AMAFlags - A flag that informs a billing system how to treat the CEL.

    • OMIT - This event should be ignored.

    • BILLING - This event contains valid billing data.

    • DOCUMENTATION - This event is for documentation purposes.

  • UniqueID - The unique ID of the channel.

  • LinkedID - The linked ID of the channel, which ties this event to other related channel's events.

  • UserField - A user defined field set on a channel, containing arbitrary application specific data.

  • Peer - If this channel is in a bridge, the channel that it is in a bridge with.

  • PeerAccount - If this channel is in a bridge, the accountcode of the channel it is in a bridge with.

  • Extra - Some events will have event specific data that accompanies the CEL record. This extra data is JSON encoded, and is dependent on the event in question.



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