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Raised when a request's attempt to authenticate has been challenged, and the request failed the authentication challenge.


    Event: ChallengeResponseFailed
    EventTV: <value>
    Severity: <value>
    Service: <value>
    EventVersion: <value>
    AccountID: <value>
    SessionID: <value>
    LocalAddress: <value>
    RemoteAddress: <value>
    Challenge: <value>
    Response: <value>
    ExpectedResponse: <value>
    [Module:] <value>
    [SessionTV:] <value>
  • EventTV - The time the event was detected.

  • Severity - A relative severity of the security event.

    • Informational

    • Error

  • Service - The Asterisk service that raised the security event.

  • EventVersion - The version of this event.

  • AccountID - The Service account associated with the security event notification.

  • SessionID - A unique identifier for the session in the service that raised the event.

  • LocalAddress - The address of the Asterisk service that raised the security event.

  • RemoteAddress - The remote address of the entity that caused the security event to be raised.

  • Challenge - The challenge that was sent.

  • Response - The response that was received.

  • ExpectedResponse - The expected response to the challenge.

  • Module - If available, the name of the module that raised the event.

  • SessionTV - The timestamp reported by the session.



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