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Raised when a conference starts recording.


    Event: ConfbridgeRecord
    Conference: <value>
    BridgeUniqueid: <value>
    BridgeType: <value>
    BridgeTechnology: <value>
    BridgeCreator: <value>
    BridgeName: <value>
    BridgeNumChannels: <value>
    BridgeVideoSourceMode: <value>
    [BridgeVideoSource:] <value>
  • Conference - The name of the Confbridge conference.

  • BridgeUniqueid

  • BridgeType - The type of bridge

  • BridgeTechnology - Technology in use by the bridge

  • BridgeCreator - Entity that created the bridge if applicable

  • BridgeName - Name used to refer to the bridge by its BridgeCreator if applicable

  • BridgeNumChannels - Number of channels in the bridge

  • BridgeVideoSourceMode -

    • none

    • talker

    • single The video source mode for the bridge.

  • BridgeVideoSource - If there is a video source for the bridge, the unique ID of the channel that is the video source.



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