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Provide details about a contact's status.


    Event: ContactStatusDetail
    AOR: <value>
    URI: <value>
    Status: <value>
    RoundtripUsec: <value>
    EndpointName: <value>
    UserAgent: <value>
    RegExpire: <value>
    ViaAddress: <value>
    CallID: <value>
    ID: <value>
    AuthenticateQualify: <value>
    OutboundProxy: <value>
    Path: <value>
    QualifyFrequency: <value>
    QualifyTimeout: <value>
  • AOR - The AoR that owns this contact.

  • URI - This contact's URI.

  • Status - This contact's status.

    • Reachable

    • Unreachable

    • NonQualified

    • Unknown

  • RoundtripUsec - The round trip time in microseconds.

  • EndpointName - The name of the endpoint associated with this information.

  • UserAgent - Content of the User-Agent header in REGISTER request

  • RegExpire - Absolute time that this contact is no longer valid after

  • ViaAddress - IP address:port of the last Via header in REGISTER request. Will only appear in the event if available.

  • CallID - Content of the Call-ID header in REGISTER request. Will only appear in the event if available.

  • ID - The sorcery ID of the contact.

  • AuthenticateQualify - A boolean indicating whether a qualify should be authenticated.

  • OutboundProxy - The contact's outbound proxy.

  • Path - The Path header received on the REGISTER.

  • QualifyFrequency - The interval in seconds at which the contact will be qualified.

  • QualifyTimeout - The elapsed time in decimal seconds after which an OPTIONS message is sent before the contact is considered unavailable.



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