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Raised when the state of messages in a voicemail mailbox has changed or when a channel has finished interacting with a mailbox.



The Channel related parameters are only present if a channel was involved in the manipulation of a mailbox. If no channel is involved, the parameters are not included with the event.


    Event: MessageWaiting
    Channel: <value>
    ChannelState: <value>
    ChannelStateDesc: <value>
    CallerIDNum: <value>
    CallerIDName: <value>
    ConnectedLineNum: <value>
    ConnectedLineName: <value>
    Language: <value>
    AccountCode: <value>
    Context: <value>
    Exten: <value>
    Priority: <value>
    Uniqueid: <value>
    Linkedid: <value>
    Mailbox: <value>
    Waiting: <value>
    New: <value>
    Old: <value>
  • Channel

  • ChannelState - A numeric code for the channel's current state, related to ChannelStateDesc

  • ChannelStateDesc

    • Down

    • Rsrvd

    • OffHook

    • Dialing

    • Ring

    • Ringing

    • Up

    • Busy

    • Dialing Offhook

    • Pre-ring

    • Unknown

  • CallerIDNum

  • CallerIDName

  • ConnectedLineNum

  • ConnectedLineName

  • Language

  • AccountCode

  • Context

  • Exten

  • Priority

  • Uniqueid

  • Linkedid - Uniqueid of the oldest channel associated with this channel.

  • Mailbox - The mailbox with the new message, specified as 'mailbox'@'context'

  • Waiting - Whether or not the mailbox has messages waiting for it.

  • New - The number of new messages.

  • Old - The number of old messages.



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