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Raised when a channel is parked.


    Event: ParkedCall
    ParkeeChannel: <value>
    ParkeeChannelState: <value>
    ParkeeChannelStateDesc: <value>
    ParkeeCallerIDNum: <value>
    ParkeeCallerIDName: <value>
    ParkeeConnectedLineNum: <value>
    ParkeeConnectedLineName: <value>
    ParkeeLanguage: <value>
    ParkeeAccountCode: <value>
    ParkeeContext: <value>
    ParkeeExten: <value>
    ParkeePriority: <value>
    ParkeeUniqueid: <value>
    ParkeeLinkedid: <value>
    ParkerDialString: <value>
    Parkinglot: <value>
    ParkingSpace: <value>
    ParkingTimeout: <value>
    ParkingDuration: <value>
  • ParkeeChannel

  • ParkeeChannelState - A numeric code for the channel's current state, related to ParkeeChannelStateDesc

  • ParkeeChannelStateDesc

    • Down

    • Rsrvd

    • OffHook

    • Dialing

    • Ring

    • Ringing

    • Up

    • Busy

    • Dialing Offhook

    • Pre-ring

    • Unknown

  • ParkeeCallerIDNum

  • ParkeeCallerIDName

  • ParkeeConnectedLineNum

  • ParkeeConnectedLineName

  • ParkeeLanguage

  • ParkeeAccountCode

  • ParkeeContext

  • ParkeeExten

  • ParkeePriority

  • ParkeeUniqueid

  • ParkeeLinkedid - Uniqueid of the oldest channel associated with this channel.

  • ParkerDialString - Dial String that can be used to call back the parker on ParkingTimeout.

  • Parkinglot - Name of the parking lot that the parkee is parked in

  • ParkingSpace - Parking Space that the parkee is parked in

  • ParkingTimeout - Time remaining until the parkee is forcefully removed from parking in seconds

  • ParkingDuration - Time the parkee has been in the parking bridge (in seconds)



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