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Raised when an RTCP packet is sent.


    Event: RTCPSent
    Channel: <value>
    ChannelState: <value>
    ChannelStateDesc: <value>
    CallerIDNum: <value>
    CallerIDName: <value>
    ConnectedLineNum: <value>
    ConnectedLineName: <value>
    Language: <value>
    AccountCode: <value>
    Context: <value>
    Exten: <value>
    Priority: <value>
    Uniqueid: <value>
    Linkedid: <value>
    SSRC: <value>
    PT: <value>
    To: <value>
    ReportCount: <value>
    [SentNTP:] <value>
    [SentRTP:] <value>
    [SentPackets:] <value>
    [SentOctets:] <value>
    ReportXSourceSSRC: <value>
    ReportXFractionLost: <value>
    ReportXCumulativeLost: <value>
    ReportXHighestSequence: <value>
    ReportXSequenceNumberCycles: <value>
    ReportXIAJitter: <value>
    ReportXLSR: <value>
    ReportXDLSR: <value>
  • Channel

  • ChannelState - A numeric code for the channel's current state, related to ChannelStateDesc

  • ChannelStateDesc

    • Down

    • Rsrvd

    • OffHook

    • Dialing

    • Ring

    • Ringing

    • Up

    • Busy

    • Dialing Offhook

    • Pre-ring

    • Unknown

  • CallerIDNum

  • CallerIDName

  • ConnectedLineNum

  • ConnectedLineName

  • Language

  • AccountCode

  • Context

  • Exten

  • Priority

  • Uniqueid

  • Linkedid - Uniqueid of the oldest channel associated with this channel.

  • SSRC - The SSRC identifier for our stream

  • PT - The type of packet for this RTCP report.

    • 200(SR)

    • 201(RR)

  • To - The address the report is sent to.

  • ReportCount - The number of reports that were sent.
    The report count determines the number of ReportX headers in the message. The X for each set of report headers will range from 0 to 'ReportCount - 1'.

  • SentNTP - The time the sender generated the report. Only valid when PT is '200(SR)'.

  • SentRTP - The sender's last RTP timestamp. Only valid when PT is '200(SR)'.

  • SentPackets - The number of packets the sender has sent. Only valid when PT is '200(SR)'.

  • SentOctets - The number of bytes the sender has sent. Only valid when PT is '200(SR)'.

  • ReportXSourceSSRC - The SSRC for the source of this report block.

  • ReportXFractionLost - The fraction of RTP data packets from 'ReportXSourceSSRC' lost since the previous SR or RR report was sent.

  • ReportXCumulativeLost - The total number of RTP data packets from 'ReportXSourceSSRC' lost since the beginning of reception.

  • ReportXHighestSequence - The highest sequence number received in an RTP data packet from 'ReportXSourceSSRC'.

  • ReportXSequenceNumberCycles - The number of sequence number cycles seen for the RTP data received from 'ReportXSourceSSRC'.

  • ReportXIAJitter - An estimate of the statistical variance of the RTP data packet interarrival time, measured in timestamp units.

  • ReportXLSR - The last SR timestamp received from 'ReportXSourceSSRC'. If no SR has been received from 'ReportXSourceSSRC', then 0.

  • ReportXDLSR - The delay, expressed in units of 1/65536 seconds, between receiving the last SR packet from 'ReportXSourceSSRC' and sending this report.



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