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Provide details about an authentication section.


    Event: TransportDetail
    ObjectType: <value>
    ObjectName: <value>
    Protocol: <value>
    Bind: <value>
    AsycOperations: <value>
    CaListFile: <value>
    CaListPath: <value>
    CertFile: <value>
    PrivKeyFile: <value>
    Password: <value>
    ExternalSignalingAddress: <value>
    ExternalSignalingPort: <value>
    ExternalMediaAddress: <value>
    Domain: <value>
    VerifyServer: <value>
    VerifyClient: <value>
    RequireClientCert: <value>
    Method: <value>
    Cipher: <value>
    LocalNet: <value>
    Tos: <value>
    Cos: <value>
    WebsocketWriteTimeout: <value>
    EndpointName: <value>
  • ObjectType - The object's type. This will always be 'transport'.

  • ObjectName - The name of this object.

  • Protocol - Protocol to use for SIP traffic

  • Bind - IP Address and optional port to bind to for this transport

  • AsycOperations - Number of simultaneous Asynchronous Operations, can no longer be set, always set to 1

  • CaListFile - File containing a list of certificates to read (TLS ONLY, not WSS)

  • CaListPath - Path to directory containing a list of certificates to read (TLS ONLY, not WSS)

  • CertFile - Certificate file for endpoint (TLS ONLY, not WSS)

  • PrivKeyFile - Private key file (TLS ONLY, not WSS)

  • Password - Password required for transport

  • ExternalSignalingAddress - External address for SIP signalling

  • ExternalSignalingPort - External port for SIP signalling

  • ExternalMediaAddress - External IP address to use in RTP handling

  • Domain - Domain the transport comes from

  • VerifyServer - Require verification of server certificate (TLS ONLY, not WSS)

  • VerifyClient - Require verification of client certificate (TLS ONLY, not WSS)

  • RequireClientCert - Require client certificate (TLS ONLY, not WSS)

  • Method - Method of SSL transport (TLS ONLY, not WSS)

  • Cipher - Preferred cryptography cipher names (TLS ONLY, not WSS)

  • LocalNet - Network to consider local (used for NAT purposes).

  • Tos - Enable TOS for the signalling sent over this transport

  • Cos - Enable COS for the signalling sent over this transport

  • WebsocketWriteTimeout - The timeout (in milliseconds) to set on WebSocket connections.

  • EndpointName - The name of the endpoint associated with this information.



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