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Check channel availability


This application will check to see if any of the specified channels are available.

This application sets the following channel variables:

  • AVAILCHAN - The name of the available channel, if one exists

  • AVAILORIGCHAN - The canonical channel name that was used to create the channel

  • AVAILSTATUS - The device state for the device

  • AVAILCAUSECODE - The cause code returned when requesting the channel


  • Technology/Resource

    • Technology/Resource required - Specification of the device(s) to check. These must be in the format of 'Technology/Resource', where Technology represents a particular channel driver, and Resource represents a resource available to that particular channel driver.

    • Technology2/Resource2[,Technology2/Resource2...] - Optional extra devices to check
      If you need more than one enter them as Technology2/Resource2&Technology3/Resource3&.....

  • options

    • a - Check for all available channels, not only the first one

    • s - Consider the channel unavailable if the channel is in use at all

    • t - Simply checks if specified channels exist in the channel list

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