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Page series of phones


Places outbound calls to the given technology/resource and dumps them into a conference bridge as muted participants. The original caller is dumped into the conference as a speaker and the room is destroyed when the original caller leaves.


  • Technology/Resource

    • Technology/Resource required - Specification of the device(s) to dial. These must be in the format of 'Technology/Resource', where Technology represents a particular channel driver, and Resource represents a resource available to that particular channel driver.

    • Technology2/Resource2[,Technology2/Resource2...] - Optional extra devices to dial in parallel
      If you need more than one, enter them as Technology2/Resource2& Technology3/Resource3&.....

  • options

    • b(context^exten^priority) - Before initiating an outgoing call, Gosub to the specified location using the newly created channel. The Gosub will be executed for each destination channel.

      • context

      • exten

      • priority (params ) required

        • arg1[^arg1...] required

        • argN

    • B(context^exten^priority) - Before initiating the outgoing call(s), Gosub to the specified location using the current channel.

      • context

      • exten

      • priority (params ) required

        • arg1[^arg1...] required

        • argN

    • d - Full duplex audio

    • i - Ignore attempts to forward the call

    • q - Quiet, do not play beep to caller

    • r - Record the page into a file ( 'CONFBRIDGE(bridge,record_conference)')

    • s - Only dial a channel if its device state says that it is 'NOT_INUSE'

    • A(x) - Play an announcement to all paged participants

      • x required - The announcement to playback to all devices
    • n - Do not play announcement to caller (alters 'A(x)' behavior)

  • timeout - Specify the length of time that the system will attempt to connect a call. After this duration, any page calls that have not been answered will be hung up by the system.

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