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Park and Announce.


Park a call into the parkinglot and announce the call to another channel.

The variable PARKEDAT will contain the parking extension into which the call was placed. Use with the Local channel to allow the dialplan to make use of this information.


  • parking_lot_name - Specify in which parking lot to park a call.
    The parking lot used is selected in the following order:
    1) parking_lot_name option to this application
    2) PARKINGLOT variable
    3) 'CHANNEL(parkinglot)' function (Possibly preset by the channel driver.)
    4) Default parking lot.

  • options - A list of options for this parked call.

    • r - Send ringing instead of MOH to the parked call.

    • R - Randomize the selection of a parking space.

    • c(context,extension,priority) - If the parking times out, go to this place in the dialplan instead of where the parking lot defines the call should go.

      • context

      • extension

      • priority required

    • t(duration) - Use a timeout of 'duration' seconds instead of the timeout specified by the parking lot.

      • duration required
  • announce_template

    • announce required - Colon-separated list of files to announce. The word 'PARKED' will be replaced by a say_digits of the extension in which the call is parked.

    • announce1[,announce1...]

  • dial - The app_dial style resource to call to make the announcement. Console/dsp calls the console.

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