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Resets the Call Data Record.


This application causes the Call Data Record to be reset. Depending on the flags passed in, this can have several effects. With no options, a reset does the following:

  1. The 'start' time is set to the current time.

  2. If the channel is answered, the 'answer' time is set to the current time.

  3. All variables are wiped from the CDR. Note that this step can be prevented with the 'v' option.

On the other hand, if the 'e' option is specified, the effects of the NoCDR application will be lifted. CDRs will be re-enabled for this channel.


The 'e' option is deprecated. Please use the CDR_PROP function instead.


  • options

    • v - Save the CDR variables during the reset.

    • e - Enable the CDRs for this channel only (negate effects of NoCDR).

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