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Communicates with SMS service centres and SMS capable analogue phones.


SMS handles exchange of SMS data with a call to/from SMS capable phone or SMS PSTN service center. Can send and/or receive SMS messages. Works to ETSI ES 201 912; compatible with BT SMS PSTN service in UK and Telecom Italia in Italy.

Typical usage is to use to handle calls from the SMS service centre CLI, or to set up a call using 'outgoing' or manager interface to connect service centre to SMS().

"Messages are processed as per text file message queues. smsq (a separate software) is a command to generate message queues and send messages.


The protocol has tight delay bounds. Please use short frames and disable/keep short the jitter buffer on the ATA to make sure that respones (ACK etc.) are received in time.


  • name - The name of the queue used in /var/spool/asterisk/sms

  • options

    • a - Answer, i.e. send initial FSK packet.

    • s - Act as service centre talking to a phone.

    • t - Use protocol 2 (default used is protocol 1).

    • p - Set the initial delay to N ms (default is '300'). addr and body are a deprecated format to send messages out.

    • r - Set the Status Report Request (SRR) bit.

    • o - The body should be coded as octets not 7-bit symbols.

    • n - Do not log any SMS content to log file (privacy).

  • addr

  • body

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