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SendFAX() - [res_fax]


Sends a specified TIFF/F file as a FAX.


This application is provided by res_fax, which is a FAX technology agnostic module that utilizes FAX technology resource modules to complete a FAX transmission.

Session arguments can be set by the FAXOPT function and to check results of the SendFAX() application.


  • filename

    • filename2[,filename2...] - TIFF file to send as a FAX.
  • options

    • d - Enable FAX debugging.

    • f - Allow audio fallback FAX transfer on T.38 capable channels.

    • F - Force usage of audio mode on T.38 capable channels.

    • s - Send progress Manager events (overrides statusevents setting in res_fax.conf).

    • z - Initiate a T.38 reinvite on the channel if the remote end does not.

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