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RealTime Read/Write Functions.


This function will read or write values from/to a RealTime repository. REALTIME(....) will read names/values from the repository, and REALTIME(....)= will write a new value/field to the repository. On a read, this function returns a delimited text string. The name/value pairs are delimited by delim1, and the name and value are delimited between each other with delim2. If there is no match, NULL will be returned by the function. On a write, this function will always return NULL.


  • family

  • fieldmatch

  • matchvalue

  • delim1|field - Use delim1 with delim2 on read and field without delim2 on write
    If we are reading and delim1 is not specified, defaults to ','

  • delim2 - Parameter only used when reading, if not specified defaults to '='

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