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Pauses a queue member.


Pauses (blocks calls for) a queue member. The given interface will be paused in the given queue. This prevents any calls from being sent from the queue to the interface until it is unpaused with UnpauseQueueMember or the manager interface. If no queuename is given, the interface is paused in every queue it is a member of. The application will fail if the interface is not found.

This application sets the following channel variable upon completion:

  • PQMSTATUS - The status of the attempt to pause a queue member as a text string.

    • PAUSED


      Example: Pause queue member
      same => n,PauseQueueMember(,SIP/3000)


  • queuename

  • interface

  • options

  • reason - Is used to add extra information to the appropriate queue_log entries and manager events.

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