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Returns the ampersand-delimited file names that would be played by the Say applications (e.g. SayAlpha, SayDigits).


Returns the files that would be played by a Say application. These filenames could then be passed directly into Playback, BackGround, Read, Queue, or any application which supports playback of multiple ampersand-delimited files.

Example: Read using the number 123
same => n,Read(response,${SAYFILES(123,number)})


  • value - The value to be translated to filenames.

  • type - Say application type.

    • alpha - Files played by SayAlpha(). Default if none is specified.

    • digits - Files played by SayDigits().

    • money - Files played by SayMoney(). Currently supported for English and US dollars only.

    • number - Files played by SayNumber(). Currently supported for English only.

    • ordinal - Files played by SayOrdinal(). Currently supported for English only.

    • phonetic - Files played by SayPhonetic().

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