About "aelparse"

You can use the "aelparse" program to check your extensions.ael file before feeding it to asterisk. Wouldn't it be nice to eliminate most errors before giving the file to asterisk?

aelparse is compiled in the utils directory of the asterisk release. It isn't installed anywhere (yet). You can copy it to your favorite spot in your PATH.

aelparse has two optional arguments:

  1. -d - Override the normal location of the config file dir, (usually /etc/asterisk), and use the current directory instead as the config file dir. Aelparse will then expect to find the file "./extensions.ael" in the current directory, and any included files in the current directory as well.
  2. -n - Don't show all the function calls to set priorities and contexts within asterisk. It will just show the errors and warnings from the parsing and semantic checking phases.