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The Asterisk Resource

While the primary purpose of ARI is to allow developers to build their own communications applications using Asterisk as a media engine, there are other resources in the API that are useful outside of this use case. One of these is the asterisk resource. This resource not only provides information about the running Asterisk instance, but also exposes resources and operations that allow an external system to manipulate the overall Asterisk system.

On This PageMore DetailRetrieving System Information

The asterisk resource provides the ability to retrieve basic information about the running Asterisk process. This includes:

  • Information about how Asterisk was compiled
  • Information about Asterisk's configuration
  • Current status of the Asterisk process
  • Information about the system the Asterisk process is running on

An example of this is shown below:

$ curl -X GET -u asterisk:SECRET https://localhost:8088/ari/asterisk/info

 "startup_time": "2015-07-16T21:01:37.273-0500",
 "last_reload_time": "2015-07-16T21:01:37.273-0500"
 "user": "mjordan",
 "machine": "x86_64",
 "os": "Linux",
 "kernel": "3.13.0-24-generic",
 "date": "2015-07-11 15:51:57 UTC"
 "version": "GIT-master-0b2cbeaM",
 "entity_id": "ec:f4:bb:67:a6:d0"
 "default_language": "en",
 "user": "asterisk",
 "group": "asterisk"