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Asterisk's Channel Event Logging provides a mechanism for tracking many channel related events. CEL is granular and fine-grained, having been designed with billing information in mind. It supports many storage back-ends and is a great alternative to Call Detail Records for administrators that need extremely detailed event logs. The extensive detail will allow building of accurate billing or call-flow data.


  • Control over which Asterisk applications are tracked.
  • Control over which events should be raised.
  • Configurable date format.
  • Integration with the Asterisk Manager Interface.
  • Integration with RADIUS
  • Modules for various logging back-ends including customized CEL output, integration with ODBC, PGSQL, SQLite and TDS.

The child pages in this section discuss the configuration of Channel Event Logging.


While CEL, CDR and AMI are all basically event tracking mechanisms, the events tracked by CEL are focused on a use case for generating billing data. The specific events and fields are covered in the Asterisk CEL Specification.