This section includes information related to the core development of Asterisk. This includes:

  • Project guidelines for source control set-up, branch management, and releases
  • Information for submitting patches back to the project, participating in code reviews, and committing patches
  • Examples for more complex frameworks in Asterisk
  • The project roadmap, including the notes/results of previous Asterisk Developer Conferences (AstriDevCon)
  • Project planning/coordination notes

And anything else developers can think of that can use a wiki page.

Most of the documentation related to the source code is embedded in the source files and is processed with Doxygen. Doxygen can be generated on your system using "make progdocs" with doxygen installed.

!!! note ** The information on the pages in this section may be developer planning notes, which can differ quite a bit from the final implementation. Do **not assume that a page in this section reflects the implemented behaviour in Asterisk!