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Sangoma Core Asterisk Team

Sangoma employs a team of software development and technical professionals who work with the Asterisk open source project on a daily or weekly basis. Many of these individuals work on code all over the project but tend to stick to core support areas of the project. This team also maintains the documentation included with Asterisk and on the wiki. Any given day you can find many of these folks in the Asterisk IRC chat rooms.

Name IRC/Forum/List name
Joshua Colp jcolp, file
George Joseph gjoseph
Ben Ford bford
Mike Bradeen mbradeen

The core team can be contacted for administrative questions via E-mail.

Volunteer Maintainers for Extended Support Modules

There's no question that Asterisk is a huge project that interacts with a wide variety of devices over numerous protocols. As such, a number of Asterisk modules (typically labelled as extended) are primarily supported by the open source community. A number of caring, dedicated community members have volunteered to be the lead developer responsible for handling issues filed against these modules. Issues reported on the issue tracker against these areas will (most likely) be assigned to these individuals for handling.


If you'd like to act as the primary maintainer in an area of Asterisk development that is currently marked as "extended" and is not listed below, please contact the asterisk-dev mailing list.

Module Related File(s) Issue Owner
Open Objective H.323 Protocol chan_ooh323 Alexandr Anikin (may213)
Unified Networks IP Stimulus chan_unistim Igor Goncharovsky (igorg)
Cisco SCCP chan_skinny Damien Wedhorn (wedhorn)
External IVR app_externalivr David Ruggles
SMS Application app_sms David Woodhouse
AEL pbx_ael Mark Murawski (kobaz)
ADSI res_adsi, app_getcpeid Naveen Albert (NA, InterLinked)

General community contributors

Plenty of credit goes to a very broad community of contributors. As with most open source projects there are many contributors that submit a patch here and there or tend to be very active for a few months and then disappear. Regardless of how active you are the community as a whole certainly appreciates every single patch, page of documentation and bug report that is submitted. Asterisk has become what it is thanks to the contributions from every single contributor throughout the history of the project. Thanks!