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AstriDevCon 2020

Sangoma invites developers who are interested in the future of Asterisk to join us at virtual AstriDevCon on Tuesday, October 20th, 2020.

AstriDevCon is an annual event, held alongside AstriCon - it includes an in-depth review of progress made in the past year and an open discussion about the future direction of the project. The event is free and open for any active Asterisk community developer to apply for attendance. Please note that for participation registration will be required.

Event day schedule

AstriDevCon is a mix of open and focused discussion all on topics within the realm of Asterisk development, primarily regarding current concerns that Asterisk faces and how to improve Asterisk for the future.

Starting at 10AM EST.

Event ends at 4PM EST or until completion.

We'll build a rough agenda together in the morning.


AstriDevCon will be held virtually. Google Meet is being used for the conferencing technology. Signing up to attend will result in a meeting invite being sent with details.

Registering for AstriDevCon

Fill out the registration form!

Registration will be required for participation. This allows us to provide the best experience by determining how people would like to participate, including video and audio only options. An e-mail will be sent to you at a future time to confirm registration and with participation details.

Additional Information

IRC Channel

We'll be using IRC during the AstriDevCon for out of band discussion. Since this year we will be virtual expect more communication to occur using this method., #astridevcon


Alexander Lopez

Andrew Nagy

Ben Ford

BJ Weschke

Corey Farrell

Daniel Collins

David Duffett

David Horton

Enrico Eusebi

Franck Danard

Fred Posner

George Joseph

Grant Baxley

James Finstrom

Jari Leminen

Jared Smith - Simwood

Jason Parker

Jason Poore

James Cloos

Jean Aunis

Joran Vinzens

Joshua Colp

Kevin Harwell

Klye Kurz

Lorne Gaetz

Malcolm Davenport

Mark H

Matt Brooks

Matthew Fredrickson

Michael Cargile

Michael White

Michael Young

Nir Siminonovich

Paulo Vicentini

Petr Dobroucky

Salah Ahmed

Saqlain Nawaz Khan

Stas Kobzar

Sungtae Kim

Sylvain Boily

Torrey Searle

Walter Moon

Yitzchak Pachtman

Yufei Tao


Ondrej Vondra

Bryan Walters


Mamadou Kone

Julien Chabanon


A video recording (in the form of two video files) of AstriDevCon 2020 is available on Google Drive.

Previous AstriDevCon events

See the below sections for notes and content from previous AstriDevCon events.