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FOSDEM 2011 Open Source Telephony Devroom


An Open Source Telephony Devroom has been organized at FOSDEM 2011 in Brussels on Sunday, February 6th, 2011. We will be holding a day full of presentations on development topics in the area of open source telephony. 30 minute presentations will be made from 09:00 until 17:00. We have been assigned room AW1.124 - provided with a projector, WiFi, and 59 seats.

Proposals have already been submitted and accepted. The following schedule will be observed.

Please direct discussion about this devroom to the telephony-devroom mailing list hosted on If you would like to contact the devroom organizer directly, please contact Russell Bryant .

Feel free to forward this along to any people or mailing lists that you think would be interested in this event.


Time Session Speaker(s)
09:00 Welcome to the Open Source Telephony Devroom Russell Bryant
09:15 Introduction to Asterisk Development Russell Bryant
09:45 Session Q&A
09:55 Break
10:00 Digital PSTN Connectivity with Asterisk Jakub Klausa
10:30 Session Q&A
10:40 Break
10:45 Mobicents 2.0, The Open Source Java Communication Platform Jean Deruelle
11:15 Session Q&A
11:25 Break
11:30 Scaling Location Services in Large SIP Networks with Kamailio Henning Westerholt, Marius Zbihlei
12:00 Session Q&A
12:10 Break
12:15 Unifying SIP and Web Worlds with Lua Daniel-Constantin Meirla
12:45 Session Q&A
12:55 Break
13:00 XiVO IPPBX OpenHardware Xavier Carcelle
13:30 Session Q&A
13:40 Break
13:45 SIP Communicator: Building a Multi-Protocol Multi-OS Communications Client Emil Ivov
14:15 Session Q&A
14:25 Break
14:30 Asterisk SCF Development Interfaces Kevin P. Fleming
15:00 Session Q&A
15:10 Break
15:15 Developing rich VoIP Applications with SIPSIMPLE SDK Saúl Ibarra Corretgé
15:45 Session Q&A
15:55 Break
16:00 Unified Communications - Future (Yate and YateClient) Diana Cionoiu
16:30 Session Q&A
16:40 Concluding Remarks
17:00 End


FOSDEM 2011 will take place at the ULB Campus Solbosch, Brussels, Belgium.

Avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt, 50

1050 Bruxelles

The Open Source Telephony Devroom will be in room 1.124 in building AW as shown on this map: