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This section will enumerate and briefly describe the ways in which you can query or manipulate the various Asterisk state resources. Device State, Extension State and Presence State. Where mentioned, the various functions and commands will be linked to further available documentation.

Device State

The DEVICE_STATE function will return the Device State for a specified device state identifier and allow you to set Custom device states.

On the command line, the devstate command will allow you to list or modify Custom device states specifically.

devstate change -- Change a custom device state
devstate list -- List currently known custom device states

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Extension State

The EXTENSION_STATE function will return the Extension State for any specified extension that has a defined hint.

The CLI command core show hints will show extension state for all defined hints, as well as display a truncated list of the mapped Device State or Presence State identifiers.

myserver\*CLI> core show hints
 -= Registered Asterisk Dial Plan Hints =-
 6002@from-internal : SIP/6002 State:Unavailable Watchers 0
 7777@from-internal : SIP/6003,CustomPrese State:Unavailable Watchers 0
- 2 hints registered

Presence State

Added in Asterisk 11, the PRESENCE_STATE function will return Presence State for any specified Presence State identifier, or set the Presence State for specifically for a CustomPresence identifier.

The presencestate CLI command will list or modify any currently defined Presence State resources provided by the CustomPresence provider.

myserver\*CLI> core show help presencestate 
presencestate change -- Change a custom presence state
presencestate list -- List currently know custom presence states

Asterisk Manager Interface actions

Any of the previously mentioned functions could be called via AMI with the Setvar and Getvar actions.

Then there are two more specific actions called ExtensionState and PresenceState. See the linked documentation for more info.