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Retrieve a parked call.


Used to retrieve a parked call from a parking lot.


If a parking lot's parkext option is set, then Parking lots will automatically create and manage dialplan extensions in the parking lot context. If that is the case then you will not need to manage parking extensions yourself, just include the parking context of the parking lot.


  • parking_lot_name - Specify from which parking lot to retrieve a parked call.
    The parking lot used is selected in the following order:
    1) parking_lot_name option
    2) PARKINGLOT variable
    3) 'CHANNEL(parkinglot)' function (Possibly preset by the channel driver.)
    4) Default parking lot.

  • parking_space - Parking space to retrieve a parked call from. If not provided then the first available parked call in the parking lot will be retrieved.

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