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Play a file.


Plays back given filenames (do not put extension of wav/alaw etc). The Playback application answers the channel if no options are specified. If the file is non-existent it will fail.

This application sets the following channel variable upon completion:

  • PLAYBACKSTATUS - The status of the playback attempt as a text string.


    • FAILED See Also: Background (application) -- for playing sound files that are interruptible

WaitExten (application) -- wait for digits from caller, optionally play music on hold


  • filenames - Ampersand separated list of filenames. If the filename is a relative filename (it does not begin with a slash), it will be searched for in the Asterisk sounds directory. If the filename is able to be parsed as a URL, Asterisk will download the file and then begin playback on it. To include a literal '&' in the URL you can enclose the URL in single quotes.

    • filename required

    • filename2[,filename2...]

  • options - Comma separated list of options

    • skip - Do not play if not answered

    • noanswer - Playback without answering, otherwise the channel will be answered before the sound is played.

    • say - Play using the say.conf file.

    • mix - Play using a mix of filename and the say.conf file.

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