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Detects MF digits on a channel and saves them to a variable.


Reads a ST, STP, ST2P, or ST3P-terminated string of MF digits from the user in to the given variable.

This application does not automatically answer the channel and should be preceded with 'Answer' or 'Progress' as needed.

  • RECEIVEMFSTATUS - This is the status of the read operation.

    • START

    • ERROR

    • HANGUP




  • variable - The input digits will be stored in the given variable name.

  • timeout - The number of seconds to wait for all digits, if greater than '0'. Can be floating point. Default is no timeout.

  • options

    • d - Delay audio by a frame to try to extra quelch.

    • l - Receive digits even if a key pulse (KP) has not yet been received. By default, this application will ignore all other digits until a KP has been received.

    • k - Do not return a character for the KP digit.

    • m - Mute conference.

    • n - Maximum number of digits, regardless of the sequence.

    • o - Enable override. Repeated KPs will clear all previous digits.

    • q - Quelch MF from in-band.

    • r - "Radio" mode (relaxed MF).

    • s - Do not return a character for ST digits.

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