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Detects SF digits on a channel and saves them to a variable.


Reads SF digits from the user in to the given variable.

This application does not automatically answer the channel and should be preceded with 'Answer' or 'Progress' as needed.

  • RECEIVESFSTATUS - This is the status of the read operation.

    • START

    • ERROR

    • HANGUP




  • variable - The input digits will be stored in the given variable name.

  • digits - Maximum number of digits to read. Default is unlimited.

  • timeout - The number of seconds to wait for all digits, if greater than '0'. Can be floating point. Default is no timeout.

  • frequency - The frequency for which to detect pulsed digits. Default is 2600 Hz.

  • options

    • d - Delay audio by a frame to try to extra quelch.

    • e - Allow receiving extra pulses 11 through 16.

    • m - Mute conference.

    • q - Quelch SF from in-band.

    • r - "Radio" mode (relaxed SF).

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