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Say Alpha.


This application will play the sounds that correspond to the letters of the given string. Optionally, a casetype may be specified. This will be used for case-insensitive or case-sensitive pronunciations. If the channel variable SAY_DTMF_INTERRUPT is set to 'true' (case insensitive), then this application will react to DTMF in the same way as 'Background'.


  • casetype

    • a - Case sensitive (all) pronunciation. (Ex: SayAlphaCase(a,aBc); - lowercase a uppercase b lowercase c).

    • l - Case sensitive (lower) pronunciation. (Ex: SayAlphaCase(l,aBc); - lowercase a b lowercase c).

    • n - Case insensitive pronunciation. Equivalent to SayAlpha. (Ex: SayAlphaCase(n,aBc) - a b c).

    • u - Case sensitive (upper) pronunciation. (Ex: SayAlphaCase(u,aBc); - a uppercase b c).

  • string

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