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Sends arbitrary MF digits on the current or specified channel.


It will send all digits or terminate if it encounters an error.


  • digits - List of digits 0-9,*#ABC to send; w for a half-second pause, also f or F for a flash-hook if the channel supports flash-hook, h or H for 250 ms of 2600 Hz, and W for a wink if the channel supports wink.
    Key pulse and start digits are not included automatically. * is used for KP, # for ST, A for STP, B for ST2P, and C for ST3P.

  • timeout_ms - Amount of time to wait in ms between tones. (defaults to 50ms).

  • duration_ms - Duration of each numeric digit (defaults to 55ms).

  • duration_ms_kp - Duration of KP digits (defaults to 120ms).

  • duration_ms_st - Duration of ST, STP, ST2P, and ST3P digits (defaults to 65ms).

  • channel - Channel where digits will be played

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