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Allow statistics to be passed to the StatsD server from the dialplan.


This dialplan application sends statistics to the StatsD server specified inside of 'statsd.conf'.


  • metric_type - The metric type to be sent to StatsD. Valid metric types are 'g' for gauge, 'c' for counter, 'ms' for timer, and 's' for sets.

  • statistic_name - The name of the variable to be sent to StatsD. Statistic names cannot contain the pipe (|) character.

  • value - The value of the variable to be sent to StatsD. Values must be numeric. Values for gauge and counter metrics can be sent with a '+' or '-' to update a value after the value has been initialized. Only counters can be initialized as negative. Sets can send a string as the value parameter, but the string cannot contain the pipe character.

  • sample_rate - The value of the sample rate to be sent to StatsD. Sample rates less than or equal to 0 will never be sent and sample rates greater than or equal to 1 will always be sent. Any rate between 1 and 0 will be compared to a randomly generated value, and if it is greater than the random value, it will be sent.

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