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Write an event to a calendar


Example: Set calendar fields
same => n,Set(CALENDAR_WRITE(calendar,field1,field2,field3)=val1,val2,val3)
The field and value arguments can easily be set/passed using the HASHKEYS() and HASH() functions

  • CALENDAR_SUCCESS - The status of the write operation to the calendar

    • 1 - The event was successfully written to the calendar.

    • 0 - The event was not written to the calendar due to network issues, permissions, etc.


  • calendar - The calendar to write to

  • field

    • summary - A summary of the event

    • description - The full event description

    • organizer - The event organizer

    • location - The event location

    • categories - The categories of the event

    • priority - The priority of the event

    • uid - The unique identifier for the event

    • start - The start time of the event (in seconds since epoch)

    • end - The end time of the event (in seconds since epoch)

    • busystate - The busy status of the event 0=FREE, 1=TENTATIVE, 2=BUSY

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