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Get information about a PJSIP contact



  • name - The name of the contact to query.

  • field - The configuration option for the contact to query for. Supported options are those fields on the contact object.

    • type - Must be of type 'contact'.

    • uri - SIP URI to contact peer

    • expiration_time - Time to keep alive a contact

    • qualify_frequency - Interval at which to qualify a contact

    • qualify_timeout - Timeout for qualify

    • authenticate_qualify - Authenticates a qualify challenge response if needed

    • outbound_proxy - Outbound proxy used when sending OPTIONS request

    • path - Stored Path vector for use in Route headers on outgoing requests.

    • user_agent - User-Agent header from registration.

    • endpoint - Endpoint name

    • reg_server - Asterisk Server name

    • via_addr - IP-address of the last Via header from registration.

    • via_port - IP-port of the last Via header from registration.

    • call_id - Call-ID header from registration.

    • prune_on_boot - A contact that cannot survive a restart/boot.

    • rtt - The RTT of the last qualify

    • status - Status of the contact

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